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  • Lifelink partners with The Hymans Robertson Foundation

Lifelink partners with The Hymans Robertson Foundation

Lifelink partners with The Hymans Robertson Foundation

Founded by a group of visionary women in Glasgow in 1992, Lifelink has focussed over the last 29 years on supporting people to make positive changes in their lives – helping them realise their own abilities to cope with stress and develop ways of overcoming anxiety and depression. Now in its 30th year, Lifelink is partnering with The Hymans Robertson Foundation during Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond to bring professional counselling and wellbeing support to more young people throughout the UK.

Lifelink’s person-centred approach to delivering one-to-one counselling focusses on building relationships between young people and our counsellors that create trust in the counselling process. This gives young people the space to understand personal and social issues in depth and develop the resilience skills they need to deal with their personal challenges or difficulties.

Lifelink will provide a range of interactive online wellbeing classes that focus on developing the life skills essential to lead a happy and productive life. These one-off classes are structured around common issues, such as stress, anxiety or low self-esteem. Participants can attend a number of different classes to build skills in several areas to improve overall wellbeing.

Jacqui Taylor, our Chief Executive, said: “It has always been our vision at Lifelink to ensure that people are healthier and happier wherever they live, work or learn. Through this partnership with The Hymans Robertson Foundation, and their extended network of charity partners, we’re delighted to be able to reach many more young people throughout the UK and ensure that their lives, and the lives of those who support them, are both healthier and happier.”

Marcella Boyle, CEO of The Hymans Robertson Foundation commented “We recognise that young people are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and social isolation. Our charity partners are identifying poorer levels of mental health and wellbeing with young people they support, creating more barriers for young people to stay and move into a positive destination.

We are delighted to have Lifelink join our charity network. We expect this to be a highly needed and valued service for young people and charity staff in the future”.

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