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Counselling Update

We have now returned to offering face-to-face counselling services to all clients, alongside the option of video and telephone sessions for anyone who prefers or requires these. If you are feeling unwell before attending any of your arranged counselling sessions, please let us know and we can provide guidance on how best to proceed.

Attending Lifelink Helped...

Male In Distress with Sunshine giving a little bit of hope


  • Realise my thoughts are just my thoughts - not reality
  • Feel strong enough to get back to work
  • Understand that depression is an illness that can be treated

young person facing camera


  • Concentrate at school again
  • Feel less angry all the time
  • Feel confident enough to meet and make friends with new people
  • Feel less stressed about exams

Young People


  • To put in place initiatives that help our employees manage stressful situations
  • Improve communications between our employees
  • Decrease stress related absences


How to Refer

Refer by giving us a call on 0141 552 4434 or via the online form

If you refer online we'll aim to get back to you within 3 business days

One of our team will be in touch to discuss a suitable appointment (please call if you haven't heard from us)

Latest News

16 July 2024

Lifelink Wins the 'Living Hours Champion’ Award

We were awarded the prestigious prize for our commitment as a Living Hours Employer. This was in recognition that we had gone beyond not only paying the real Living Wage, but also offering Living Hours contracts to all of our staff, and lead the way as an early adopter of the Living Hours accreditation.
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18 May 2023

One Year of Lifelink and The Hymans Robertson Foundation

In May 2022, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we announced a new partnership between Lifelink and The Hymans Robertson Foundation. . Now one year on, we spoke with some of the partners within the Hymans Robertson network and foundation CEO Marcella Boyle about how the partnership has developed over the last year.
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