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Wellbeing Classes

Each 2-hour class is delivered via video to the group by experienced Lifelink facilitators. They cover life skills aimed at helping you to lead a fulfilling and productive life. Participants can attend as many classes as they like, and they are open to everyone with a Glasgow postcode. Each class will be themed around a certain topic - you can read more on each individual course page. 


You can register directly for these classes without the need for any pre-assessment or discussion by clicking on the individual course pages below.

Wellbeing Classes

Build Resilience and Improve Personal Effectiveness

This class will help you understand how resilience helps improve your ability to cope with set backs, challenges, difficult situations and help you to adapt to change more effectively.

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Boosting Self-Esteem

This class will help you understand how self-esteem is maintained and teach you techniques that can be used to break the cycle of low self-esteem.

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Art of Relaxation

This class is focused on learning skills and techniques to help you relax effectively. We use mindfulness techniques to enable you to bring your attention to what you want to focus on and help you to become comfortable with your own inner thoughts and feelings.

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Coping with Change

This class will help you learn to recognise the different changes that may happen in our lives and consider how we can better cope with them.

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Improving Motivation

This class will focus on understanding motivation, setting goals, managing unhelpful thoughts and feelings, and ways to gain support.

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Building Confidence

This class looks at understanding what confidence is and developing strategies to help build confidence or overcome barriers.

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Re-Assess your Stress

This class will help you understand the causes behind feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.

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