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Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is a great way to benefit from therapy. Client feedback suggests telephone counselling can offer an increased opportunity to open up and greater anonymity than actually sitting face to face in the room with their therapist. In addition, of course it makes counselling much more accessible, particularly in these difficult times where we are being advised not to travel if possible. As with face to face, telephone counselling can help with a wide range of problems and concerns and may in fact suit you well. We know it's not always possible to find a private space within your home to take the call, however you can consider using a private outside space - such as walking in a park or in a quiet, safe area.

We would ask if you agree to engage in telephone counselling, you:

  • have a private place to take the call
  • can avoid excessive background noise
  • are available at the arranged time
  • allow for up to 50 minutes to talk
  • ensure your phone is adequately charged
  • if taking the call from a car, you must be parked safely with engine off
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