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  • One Year of Lifelink and The Hymans Robertson Foundation

One Year of Lifelink and The Hymans Robertson Foundation

In May 2022, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we announced a new partnership between Lifelink and The Hymans Robertson Foundation. The key goal was to bring professional counselling and wellbeing support to more young people throughout the UK and ensure that their lives, and the lives of those who supported them, were both healthier and happier. Now one year on, we spoke with some of the partners within the Hymans Robertson network and foundation CEO Marcella Boyle about how the partnership has developed over the last year.


Speaking about Lifelink, Hymans Robertson Foundation CEO Marcella Boyle said:

“Our charity network continue to highlight the legacy Covid impact (and challenges around the cost of living crisis) on young people. Lifelink is a vital member of our extended charity partnership and its digital and in-person offer to young people who need support (around anxiety particularly) and support to charity staff working with vulnerable young people. The first year of our partnership has been a build year: supporting Lifelink to form relationships with partners referring young people.”


The Lifelink service has been a game-changer for many people, offering confidential and accessible support at a critical time. FARE praised the partnership, stating that: "this has been an excellent addition to our employee assistance package providing them with confidential support at a critical time."

Feedback from employees who accessed the counselling service through FARE were similarly grateful for the opportunity: “I was very impressed by how fast they got in touch with me, and they booked me in right away. I completed 6 sessions, and it was really good to talk. They didn't put any pressure on me and let me go at my own pace. I got lots of great self-help ideas from them which I still use now - really happy with the service I got.”

This testimonial showcases the impact wellbeing services can have on people's lives, giving them the support they need to overcome mental health challenges.


MyBnk, another one of The Hymans Robertson Foundation’s partners, spoke about the benefits of Lifelink's services: "with thanks to Hymans Robertson and as part of their wider collaborative partnership, Mybnk can signpost young people attending our financial education programs to the services of Lifelink. With strong links between financial wellbeing and emotional wellbeing, it has been greatly beneficial that we can link young people to vital sources of support."


After a successful first year, Marcella also highlighted opportunities in the year to come: “From April 2023, we expect to see Lifelink services extend: ensuring that young people who need mental health and wellbeing support can be directed promptly: allowing young people to develop their resilience and tools to manage their future.“


You can find out more about The Hymans Robertson Foundation and their network of charity partners working throughout the UK by visiting https://hymansrobertsonfoundation.org/.

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