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One to One Counselling

Our one to one support gives young people the chance to understand personal and social issues in depth and to develop the emotional skills and confidence to overcome personal challenges, transitions and difficulties.

We know that dealing with things can be challenging sometimes. Even everyday things like hanging out with friends or doing schoolwork can seem difficult. Our staff are here to listen to any problems that you have and to work with you to overcome them. 

We can discuss the issues most important to you, such as:

  • Wellbeing
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Coping Skills
  • Anger and Conflict
  • Peer Support
  • Exam Stress

Our non-judgemental staff will listen to your issues and take time to help you develop the skills and confidence to face and overcome your own personal challenges - so that you can get back to feeling positive again. 

Counselling is the chance to talk about how you are feeling with a person who understands and can support you to deal with whatever is happening in your life.

Young people that attend Lifelink for one to one support have said that they were better able to cope with their feelings, felt better about going to school/college and recognised improvements in their relationships with friends, teachers, parents/carers and family.

Partnership Schools and Youth Health Services

North West Glasgow Schools

  • Cleveden Secondary School
  • Drumchapel High School
  • Notre Dame High School
  • St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
  • Knightswood Secondary School
  • John Paul Academy
  • Hyndland Secondary School
  • Hillhead high School
  • Glasgow Gaelic School

North East Glasgow Schools

  • All Saints RC Secondary School
  • Bannerman High School
  • Lochend Community High School
  • Eastbank Academy
  • Smithycroft Secondary School
  • Springburn Academy
  • St Andrews RC Secondary School
  • St Mungo’s Academy
  • St Roch’s Secondary School
  • Whitehill Secondary School
  • Westmuir Secondary School

South Glasgow Schools

  • Castlemilk High School
  • Rosshall Academy 
  • Shawlands Academy
  • Bellahouston Academy
  • Govan High School
  • Lourdes Secondary School
  • St Paul’s High School
  • King's Park Secondary School
  • Hillpark Secondary School

West Dunbartonshire Schools

  • Clydebank High School
  • Dunbarton Academy
  • Our Lady and St Patrick's High School
  • St Peter the Apostle High School
  • The Vale of Leven Academy

Youth Health Services

  • Possilpark Youth Health Service
  • Maryhill Youth Health Service
  • Drumchapel Youth Health Service

Young people not attending any of the schools listed can be seen by special request, either in one of our other venues or a partner agency venue. Please phone the office on 0141 552 4434 to find out more.

Individuals aged 16 or over who are resident in Glasgow City may attend Lifelink adult services.

How do I access Lifelink’s Youth Services?

Services are available for Young People between 11 and 18 in specific Partnership Schools across Glasgow City, West Dunbartonshire and as part of the Youth Health Services in North West Glasgow.

If you are a pupil at one of the Partnership Schools, you may be referred into the service by a teacher, a member of the pastoral care or guidance team, a parent or carer, or a health, social work and educational statutory and voluntary sector agency.

If you would like access to our services you can:

  • Speak to pastoral care or a teacher at the school and they will make a referral into the service on your behalf.
  • Speak to a family member or carer and they can then contact the school to make a referral.
  • Telephone us on 0141 552 4434 and we will provide you with information about services in your area.
  • Complete our referral form.

Specific information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to restrictions we are currently only offering digital remote counselling - please adhere to the guidance below when making a referral. 

  • When accessing Lifelink services you will be asked to provide a contact telephone number. Please give the number of the young person’s own phone where possible.
  • In cases where you provide a different number such as a parent or carer, please first ensure the young person is aware and has consented to being contacted on this number.
  • Please let us know if the phone owner has agreed to a voice message being left from Lifelink.
  • Please let us know if the phone owner has agreed to receiving a text message from Lifelink.

What if Lifelink Services Are Not Available in my School?

Contact Lifelink on 0141 552 4434 and we will, where possible, provide you with information about services available in your local area. You may also want to take a look at the other services listed here to find out more about what these agencies and organisations can offer you.

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