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Stephen McAllister


Stephen is a former police officer who retired at the rank of Divisional Commander in 2017 after a career spanning 30 years. Throughout that time he gained significant experience in training, coaching and mentoring Police Negotiators in building emotional resilience and crisis management. Despite retiring from the force, he continues to work with the European Police College, providing negotiation and leadership training to European police forces. Stephen also holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, a Masters in Forensic and Legal Psychology and a Certificate in Counselling Skills alongside an NVQ in the delivery of adult learning. Alongside his work with Lifelink, Stephen is additionally a Trustee with Samaritans in Scotland and a non-executive director with NHS Forth Valley, the Golden Jubilee NHS Trust and the Risk Management Authority.

Living in Glasgow with his wife and daughter he enjoys playing golf, watching football and enjoying the company of good friends over a glass of wine. Stephen has a lifelong commitment to his own wellbeing and realises the importance this plays in maintaining good health, having practiced meditation and yoga for over 20 years.

Stephen McAllister
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