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Counselling for Open University Scotland Students

The video below explains the referral process for Open University students in Scotland to access our counselling service. You'll find the link to our online referral form at the top right of this page and any Lifelink page by clicking the Make A Referral button. Alternatively, if you want to give us a call, our team can be reached on 0141 552 4434. 


Transcript for Screen Readers

This video shows how students of the Open University Scotland can make a referral using our website referral portal or by calling our team on 0141 552 4434. The first question of our referral process asks if you are currently seeing a mental health professional, because we may need to communicate with the treating clinician before commencing one to one counselling. We also ask if you are seeing another counsellor because seeing more than one counsellor at a time may be unhelpful to your therapeutic journey. For the question asking if you are accessing the service through an organisation, at this point you should advise us that you are accessing through the Open University. The form will then collect details about yourself and your contact details. We'll ask for your GP practice in case we need to liaise with them or any other service you might be accessing. We will ask a few question relating to suicide. Once the form has been completed there will be an opportunity during a phone call to let us know about support in accessing the service and discuss your individual counselling situation before confirming a first appointment. We understand that reaching out can be hard but our team at Lifelink are here to support you.