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Our Values

Our values are the core beliefs and standards which are at the heart of everything we do. They underpin our behaviour as well as how we interact with our clients, our stakeholders and with one another. They come together to represent our shared overall vision that people are healthier and happier wherever they live, work or learn.

We make decisions with the needs of our colleagues, our clients and ourselves in mind

Always being professional by making decisions that are right for everyone.  Always acting with integrity, being open and honest, seeking and offering support when appropriate.


It’s about us as one team

Working as a team to support each other, with clear concise & consistent communication, so we get the best from each other and are working towards our shared goals.


We care

We trust each other and care about everyone’s wellbeing (staff, customers, stakeholders). Always respecting one another, showing kindness and empathy to all.


We are passionate to do more for our communities

Proactively seeking out new, forward thinking and more effective ways of working to make positive, sustainable change in our communities.


We enable everyone to be themselves

Having a positive and fun environment which promotes inclusion, diversity and empowers everyone to be themselves without restrictions or discrimination.