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Mental Health Tips

Below you'll find a list of resources that can help support your mental health and provide information about things you might be struggling with at the moment. There are also resources that parents/carers can use to help support young people in their lives. 

Smile Counselling - Kidzone 

This page has video guides for 10 to 15 year olds to help if you are struggling with thoughts and feelings like anxiety, or if you've faced something like bullying. 




Filled with tools to help you cope with emotions and feel better. They've also got loads of cool games to take your mind off how you're feeling for a little while. 




Things you can read and watch that help if you're feeling anxious, stressed, worried or frightened. 



Anna Freud 

Resources that parents or carers can explore with young people to support mental health.



Living Life To The Full 

Worksheets and resources that adults can use to support young people with understanding their feelings and experiences. 



CAMHS Resources (Apps & Video)

A list of apps that are recommended by CAMHS for supporting young people and families with their mental health. 



A collection of videos assembled by CAMHS to help with mental health and other common problems faced by young people. 



Young Minds

Guides and videos that cover a range of issues from the team at Young Minds. You can search for what you are looking for help with or just look through everything they have page by page. These resources might require some parental support.



NHS Fife

A collection of resources put together by the NHS covering mental health topics.