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Karen Johnstone

Deputy Chief Executive

As Deputy Chief Executive, I’m responsible for ensuring our operational capabilities support the delivery of our business strategy and goals. This includes financial and commercial management of the organisation, resource planning and contract reporting capabilities, IT and Communications, Quality Improvement oversight and compliance with the ISO9001 management framework.

Prior to joining Lifelink I worked predominantly in the private sector, having held senior roles within Strategic Planning, Bidding, Contract and Client Relationship Management. Much of this time was spent working with the Educational ICT sector, providing services to Public Sector Clients ensuring robust financial management aligned with the delivery of business goals.

Having access to quality mental health services is more important than ever and I am proud to work in such an inclusive, innovative, and passionate environment, where positive outcomes for people are at the heart of everything we do.

I live in the Southside with my husband, two grown up ‘kids’ when they aren’t away at uni and two cats. Outside of work, I love travelling (home and abroad), spending time with friends and family and eating out (lots of eating out!!). I also spend lots of time at the farm where my daughter and I have a horse. I can spend hours there pottering about in all weathers, to me it’s the absolute best place in the world to relax and clear my head!

Karen Johnstone