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Stress Busters

Feeling stressed? Having difficulty sleeping? Overwhelmed by life? 

It’s time to become a Stress Buster!

Join us for 2 hours a week for 4 weeks and leave with skills and tools to tackle the day-to-day stresses of everyday life.


The Stress Busters Course is designed to offer a better understanding of what stress is, how it affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and introduces ways to use relaxation and stress management techniques to tackle stress more effectively and improve general wellbeing.

This course is suitable for anyone who feels an unmanageable level of stress in their everyday life.


What should I expect when I attend?

This course is delivered in an interactive style with a mix of power point presentation, participant involvement in various group discussions and workbook exercises.


Workshop 1 – What is stress?

Explore what stress means, how it manifests and the myths surrounding it.

Workshop 2 – The impact of stress on behaviour

Recognising the behavioural changes brought on by stress and learn useful coping strategies.

Workshop 3 – Managing unhelpful thoughts

Recognising the impact stress has on our thoughts and learn techniques that can help create more balanced thoughts.

Workshop 4 – Problem solving and wellbeing

Learning how to develop an action plan to tackle the stresses we can do something about and developing tools to help deal with stresses brought on by situations out with our control.


By the end of the course you will be better prepared to recognise the early signs of stress and have the skills to do something positive about it.



Course Calendar

Our Stress Busters courses are available to book at the links below but you can also check out our full range of courses on Eventbrite

03/03/20 - 24/03/20

Tackling Stress Head On - South

Lifelink, Suite 4 Melisa House, 3 Brand Place, Glasgow, G51 1DR

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04/03/20 - 25/03/20

Tackling Stress Head On - North East

Crownpoint Sports Park, 183 Crownpoint Road, Glasgow, G40 2AL

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05/03/20 - 26/03/20

Tackling Stress Head On - North West

Lifelink Maryhill, 1455 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 9AA

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Is the Stress Busters course for me? 

Our Stress Busters course is a great way of gaining a better understanding of yourself and how stress affects you. All our courses are delivered within a group environment so you must be willing to participate in group exercises. It is not group therapy and is only suitable for those that feel ready and able to deal with their stress. Our course facilitators are extremely experienced, however, they are not trained counsellors and so are not able to offer individual therapeutic support. 

How much does this cost to attend? 

Our courses are completely free of charge to those living within the Glasgow City Council area. 

Can those that live outwith Glasgow City Council participate? 

We are able to offer our courses free of charge to Glasgow City Council residents due to the funding we receive from Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. This unfortunately means that we are currently unable to offer a place on any of our courses to anyone that doesn't live within the area that we cover. 


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