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Emotional Awareness

Our emotional state has an important role in our wellbeing and our relationships.

This course will help participants become more ‘emotionally intelligent’ and manage themselves and other relationships more effectively.


This 5-week course offers participants the opportunity to develop their ability to recognise, understand and appropriately express emotions.

What is it?

The course is made up of a series of 2 hour workshops that are delivered at the same time each week for 5 consecutive weeks.  The workshops look at the various aspects of emotional awareness and the impact these can have on our lives.

Week 1 - Orientation

Getting to know yourself and the others in the group within a safe and supportive environment. This is not group therapy. It is a fun, friendly way to recognise your own communication style and that of the others within the group.

Week 2 - Self-Awareness  

Developing emotional self-awareness, accurate self-assessment and levels of self-confidence

Week 3 - Self-Management

Developing self-compassion and looking at useful tools to manage emotional triggers

Week 4 - Other Awareness

Exploring the benefits of empathy; the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing, and how to develop this skill.

Week 5 - Relationship Management

Looking at the benefits of increased assertiveness and lower aggression. Understanding that you can’t change people, however, you can change your attitude towards them.

What can I expect on this course?

This is a course, not group therapy.  However, interaction and discussion are encouraged in a supportive and safe environment.

Course Calendar

There are currently no Emotional Awareness courses available for registration. 

Once a new set of courses are available to book they will appear here.

In the meantime you can sign up to get ticket reminders for any of our future courses on Eventbrite

Is the Emotional Awareness Course for me? 

Our Emotional Awareness course gives you the opportunity to take some time out of your busy life and unwind in a safe and supportive environment. All our courses are delivered within a group environment so you must be willing to participate in group exercises. Our course facilitators are extremely experienced however they are not trained counsellors and so are not able to offer individual therapeutic support. 

How much does this cost to attend? 

Our courses are completely free of charge to those living within the Glasgow City Council area. 

Can those that live outwith Glasgow City Council participate? 

We are able to offer our courses free of charge to Glasgow City Council residents due to the funding we receive from Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. This unfortunately means that we are currently unable to offer a place on any of our courses to anyone that doesn't live within the area that we cover. 

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