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Supply Chain Services

It's becoming an increasingly common business practice to contract out services, such as one to one counselling provision, to an expert supply chain provider such as Lifelink.

Contracting with associate providers or employing internal staff leaves businesses with the legal and professional obligation to ensure adequate accreditation, professional body registration and compliance, cpd, insurance and liability management, governance etc.

Contracting out one to one counselling requirements to Lifelink removes these commitments. Lifelink will handle all appropriate administration and governance requirements while providing your business with a cost-effective sub contracted service option.

Find out more about how you can fuel a wellbeing culture that makes a real difference to your organisation - click here to download a copy of our business prospectus.

Other Services we offer Businesses

Employee Counselling

Our employee counselling service provides tailored support to individuals as part of a whole workplace programme.

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Wellbeing Education

Investing in the wellbeing education of your employees can pay significant dividends in terms of reductions in absenteeism, increased engagement, and improved productivity.

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Wellbeing Supervision

Tailored wellbeing supervision programmes provide support to those front-end staff whose working environments may make them particularly vulnerable to negative mental health.

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