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Heather Dickson

Deputy Chief Executive

As Deputy Chief Executive, I'm involved in developing our business portfolio, securing new business opportunities, and providing oversight to our amazing team across all areas of our organisation including finance, HR, customer service, quality, communications and health and safety.

My work history is predominantly in health and wellbeing services and community engagement, so Lifelink feels like the perfect place for me to use the skills I've developed over the last 30+ years.

Our services are essential in helping adults and young people find new ways of responding, coping or behaving to achieve more positive outcomes, and in a society where change is constant and resilience is essential, I believe we help our clients develop the mental fitness necessary to see them through.

Outside of work I love getting out of Glasgow, whether in the UK or abroad, to experience new places – this past year’s discovery was the stunning and ethereal beauty of Orkney!

Heather Dickson
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