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Fiona Roberts

Corporate Services Manager

I am responsible for the day to day management of our Corporate Services team - which includes Customer Service, Finance, IT, Quality Assurance, HR, Marketing and Communications and Health and Safety.

My background is in finance, business support and project management in the public and third sectors. I previously spent a number of years leading teams in the NHS, and have also worked on short and long term projects in diverse areas including gender equality, community engagement and organisational development. Before joining Lifelink, I was engaged as a consultant with the Forestry Commission, where I worked on IT and change management projects as part of the devolution of forestry and land management to Scotland.

I'm proud to work with a fantastic team of dedicated people who go the extra mile to provide the kind of services and support that make a lasting positive impression on the lives of our clients. I have always placed a high value on client feedback and we are committed to using this to continually develop our services to meet demand, expectations and further improve the experiences and outcomes of our clients. 

I studied Law at the University of Glasgow and like to keep up to date with developments in HR, data protection and tax law, which is actually more interesting than it sounds (no, really). Outside of work, my interests include travel, current affairs and hiking. I also have a terrifyingly eclectic taste in film, tv and music.

Fiona Roberts
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