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Carol Irvine

Operations Manager

In my current role as Operations Manager, I am responsible for managing the day-to-day services of our organisation to enable business delivery to be effective and efficient across the range of services and initiatives that we offer. This includes contributing to our future business development, managing contract deliverables, ensuring good working practices and enhancing relationships between staff, commissioners, partners and clients.  

I started my Lifelink journey in 1997 and, over my tenure, I've built up professional working relationships with contractors, partners, stakeholder and colleagues. I believe that I have cultivated a reputation within Lifelink of honesty, integrity, experience and knowledge in youth and adult mental health services. 

I've always valued the service that we provide to clients - and I am driven by my passion for the difference that Lifelink makes to people's lives.

I'm naturally a very family orientated person and I love to spend time travelling to see new places! 

Carol Irvine
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